Paint.NET Photo Plugins List
Advanced Greyscale Basic Adjustments Black and White Converter Chart White Balance Chroma Key Clarifaction Plus Clarify Color Count Combined Adjustments Composition Tool Convolution Filter Cross Processing Egalize Enhance Details Eyeshine Removal Fade Edge Film Film Noir Glow High Pass High Pass Single Slider Increase Local Contrast Plugin Laplacian Pyramid Filter Lens Distortion Local Contrast Enhancement Plugin Lomography Plugin Metallize Plugin Normalize Olden PNG Preprocessor Red Eye Quick Fix Plugin Red Eye Removal Refocusing Simple Deconvolution Remove Dust Reticulation Rotate Using A Spirit Level Shadow Highlight Recovery Sharpen Landscape Sharpen Plus Simulate Color Depth Smart Sharpen Soften Portrait TRs Bokeh TRs Dodge and Burn TRs Film Stock TRs Film Strip TRs Pixel Sharpener TRs Sphere Cuber TRs SelfEeZ TRs SelfEeZ TRs Star Filter Unsharp Mask Vignette Vignette Plus
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