Paint.NET Colour Plugins List
Advanced Recoloring Alpha To 0 Alpha To 255 Apply Color Bizarro-Negation Black And White Brightness  Darkness To Alpha Channel Swap CMY Ghost Color-Blindness Approximation Color Aberation Color Clearer Color Filter Color Flip Rotate Color Inpainting Color Range Color Replacer Color Star Color Stretch Color Target Color Trimming Cut Color Cycle HSV EarthsnGreys Color Tint Color to Alpha Color to Alpha Advanced Extract Channel Extract Color Filtered Black And White FS Posterizer Grim Color Reaper Hot Metal Glow Grim Kill Color IntenColor Invert Intensity Isolate White Black Kill Color Make  Opaque Make Transparent Noise Bleacher Normal  Map Primary Color Difference To Alpha Psychocolour Rainbow-Splitter Recolour Choice Reverse Colors RGB Remap Segment  Image Selective Enhancer Selective Palette Selective Toning Self-Negation Single Hue Solarize Subtract Color Target Panel Threshold Tint-Splitter TRs BW Photo TRs Color Reducer TRs Colorizer HMS TRs Contour Filler TRs Coquin Filter TRs Custom Palette Matcher TRs HDR-ish TRs Intense Filtration Vitrious White Balance
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