Paint.NET Adjustments Plugins List
Advanced Desaturate Plugin Advanced Rotate Plugin Alpha Contrast Alpha Transform Auto-Level Black And Alpha Plus Black_And_White Brightness Contrast Channel Mixer Channels ChartWhiteBalance Color Balance Color Balance Plus Color Dimmer Color Match Color Matrix Color Mixer Color To Alaph Mixer Colorblind Simulation Colour Chop Conditional Effects Conditional Hue Saturation Curves Curves Plus Cyanotype Darken Duotone Ink On Paper Duotone Light Gradient Mapping Gralpha Grayscale On Colored Paper Hue Saturation Hue Saturation Plus Input To Output Input To Output Plus Invert Alpha Invert Around Primary Color Invert Channels Invert Colors Isolate Lineart Levels Lighten Manual Color Correction Metallize Monochrome Ink On Paper Negative Posterize Posterize HSV Posterize Plus Satuation RGB Sepia Sepia 2 Shadow Hight Recovery Soft Saturation SubLCD Resize Threshold Transparency TRs Alpha Mapper Two Tone Threshold
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